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Institute of Spiritual Healing (ISH) offers a variety of programs suited for all ages. Spiritual Healing is a process to attain wellbeing. The programs are suited for all people, in health or sickness, physical or emotional, to be effective to carry out day-to-day responsibilities.

The programs are offered at ISH Home School as well as through tele-seminars, webinars. There are also a number of audio and video discs available in support of these programs. Schedules for these programs are posted on this website. Following ISH programs you will:  

  • Raise awareness about your constitutive nature.
  • Maintain life-processes and balance.
  • Fight laziness and inertia.
  • Reducing the impact of stress.
  • Promote endurance and resistance against fatigue.
  • Balance endocrine-function and strengthen metabolism.
  • Alleviate anxiety and keep emotional balance.
  • Increase work productivity.
  • Develop concentration and memory.
Some of the programs offered at ISH are:

Praanayaama (Art & Science of Breathing)
(Also called Ayur-Breathing, AB)
The control of breath controls the fluctuations of mind. It brings to surface the interior wisdom that is dulled due to actions born of passion, anger and delusion. It promotes concentration and focus. The mind is restless and hard to control. But, it can be trained to attain calmness by constant practice.

Surya Namaskaara (Yoga Aerobics)
(Also called Ayur-Aerobics, AA)
Yoga asanas (postures) discipline the mind and the intellect to bring these to a state of equanimity and allow one to be in harmony with one’s environment. Surya Namaskaara is a cycle of ten yoga postures repeated in succession. Rapid change from one posture to another in sequence gives combined benefits of asanas, pranaayaama and aerobics.

Mantras (Healing Sounds)
(Also called Ayur-Sounds, AS)
Sound or vibration is the initial object of perception in the manifested world. The words that we hear are so powerful that they leave permanent impressions on our minds. Healing sounds in concert with certain yoga postures provide healing of body and mind and through that one may experience the very state of bliss.

Ayurveda Cooking (Cooking for Life)
(Also called Ayur-Cooking, AC)
The constitutive elements of the human body as well as the food are the same. The Food selected must maintain normal functioning of the gastric fire as well as keep the constitutive nature in balance. Ayurveda (Science of Life) emphasizes that the food must be cooked and seasoned to provide taste, digestion and nutrition. It is five thousand years old vedic system of natural, and preventative health care. It encompasses healing of body, mind and spirit through diet, digestion, and rejuvenation.

Currently, the following programs are being offered: Weekend Intensives

Weekend Intensives: AB, AM, AAL, and seven-wk workshop, SWA are conducted at selected sites throughout the year. The workshops include intensive instruction on postures, breathing techniques, meditation, diet, nutrition, cooking and other specialized disciplines. Most Weekend Workshops begin on Friday or Saturday mornings at 8:00 a.m. and continue through Sunday noon. Alternate schedules are considered. Tea breaks each day. 

Please contact ISH concerning your interest, the dates, or with any questions via email:, or telephone (256-604-6927).


 The disciplines covered under HC: AAL, SWA, AB and AM are holistic in nature with no known side effects. HC, AAL, SWA, AB and AM are not an alternative to prescribed medicine regimen for any ailment. They are based strictly on well-experimented disciplinary tools that have been used and practiced in some traditions and have produced extraordinary results. It is the responsibility of the person undertaking any practice offered by ISH to consult with their physician before starting with this program if they so choose. However, it is not deemed necessary. The ISH Board and staff are not and will not be liable for any adverse effect that the user may think has accrued from the use of HC exercises. The user indemnifies ISH, its staff and affiliates harmless from any liability, loss, claim and expense including reasonable attorneys' fees, related to your use of HC, AAL, SWA, AB and AM exercises. HC, AAL, SWA, AB and AM are not recommended for conditions requiring major or specialized surgery, such as heart bypass surgery, orthopedic problems, gunshot wounds and other severe trauma, acute abdominal pain, dental emergencies, and similar crises.

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