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Institute of Spiritual Healing (ISH) is an educational and research organization, dedicated to creating a state of human wellbeing based on understanding of who we are. This way of understanding begins with accepting oneself with its virtues and limitations. Then we begin to explore and develop our potential in the midst of our environment that only complements our limitations. The process fosters an attitude of acceptance of the world as is by creating a certain oneness with all regardless of diversity. Sooner or later, it forms a habit to love the other and the world. The law of reciprocity follows and in turn we get loved by all.

Come and explore Ayur-Living with us, I feel confident you will:
  • Feel good about yourself and accept yourself.
  • Live healthy.
  • Revitalize your body.
  • Feel good about others and accept others.
  • Develop stress-free environment.
  • Increase productivity.
ISH is a school dedicated to conduct and practice of techniques to develop Healing Consciousness (HC). HC is an approach to bringing to awareness our inherent characteristic to be happy and complete. Whereas happiness is tied to fulfillment of an objective or achievement of a goal, completeness is a synonym with a state of accomplishment devoid of mistakes and failures in the process or path for a pursuit. When thinking is clear and no universal values are compromised, there is no basis for mistakes or sickness and no impediments for pursuits. Good health is one of the key elements necessary for our wellbeing leading to the state of happiness. HC allows one to develop a sense of wellbeing by following a life-style that finds basis in many cultures but mostly ignored. The term wellbeing is being used to imply a state of effectiveness in any situation of health or sickness.

Ayurvedic herbs and foods are frequently used as tonics and nutritional supplements to strengthen the weakened immune systems in HC. Ayurvedic medicine is also used for the treatment of many chronic conditions. Special emphasis is placed on certain codes of conduct based on human values to develop wellbeing with ease. The holistic aspect of HC includes an emphasis on the psychological and spiritual dimensions of human life. The person's general nature and attitude are considered major factors in their objective for wellbeing. HC provides counseling that encourages person's personal growth and self-discovery as well as recovery from specific mental and emotional disturbances.


The purpose of HC is to assist healthy people and patients alike in developing a sense of awareness of wellbeing and thereby attain that state and the resulting happiness. It does so through integration of a variety of techniques that may only augment a person’s constitutive nature and any diet or medical regimen the person may be following for health or sickness. HC techniques are holistic and are intended to benefit all dimensions of the person's being including body, mind and soul rather than focused on a specific physical condition or organ. Following these techniques of HC one begins to experience the role of body and mind to attain the state of wellbeing.

Continuous practice of HC principles allows one to become aware of one’s constituent nature contributing to and affected by the underlying causes of illness or imbalance, if any. Generally body possesses self-healing capacities and interior wisdom in responding to disease and imbalance causing agents and processes. The HC stimulates and reactivates compromised healing capacity and suppressed wisdom.  In that sense the HC is holistic and correspondingly employs body’s natural defenses and extra-regimen resources toward defeat of illness and imbalance causing mechanisms and processes. The HC principles are suitable for healthy people as well as people with any range of chronic disorders or acute illnesses. HC emphasizes holistic disciplines of diet, nutrition, postures, breathing, and meditation for all constituent natures.


The benefits of HC are harvested in the development of awareness about one’s total wellbeing. It prepares the user to explore one’s unrealized potential. Its continuous practice maintains a healthy mind by building immunity against disease. In addition, it develops a calm mind by, a sharp intellect and heightens spiritual awareness.

At ISH you will learn how to:

  • Raise awareness about your constitutive nature
  • Maintain body’s life-processes and balance
  • Fight laziness and inertia
  • Promote endurance and resistance against fatigue thereby reducing the impact of stress
  •  Balance endocrine function and strengthen metabolism
  •  Alleviate anxiety and keep emotional balance, thereby increase work productivity
  • Develop concentration and memory

You will develop a good understanding of your goals based on your nature and acquired skills so that you can pursue your ambitions with understanding and ease. Above all your mind will begin to lessen the impact of all negative and develop access to inner powers leading to spiritual awareness.


HC is not an alternative to prescribed medicine regimen for any ailment. It is based strictly on well-experimented disciplinary tools that have been used and practiced in some traditions and have produced extraordinary results. It is the responsibility of the person undertaking this practice to consult with their physician before starting with this program if they so choose. However, it is not deemed necessary. The ISH Board and staff are not and will not be liable for any adverse effect that the user may think has accrued from the use of HC exercises.

The user indemnifies ISH, its staff and affiliates harmless from any liability, loss, claim and expense including reasonable attorneys' fees, related to your use of HC exercises. HC is not recommended for conditions requiring major or specialized surgery, such as orthopedic problems, gunshot wounds and other severe trauma, acute abdominal pain, dental emergencies, and similar crises.  
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