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Ayur-Living is a mode of living that allows fulfillment in life by attaining perfect health compromised by the environmental effects. In the sense of fulfillment, perfect health implies physical wellbeing, mental balance and spiritual awareness. Ayur-Living begins from the basic understanding of who we are, recognizes the importance of being in harmony with the environment and prepares us to develop a sense of what a healthy body, calm mind and a sharp intellect can do to realize our natural potential. Living in a world of information overload it allows us to choose and be an effective participant based on our respective natures and acquired skills. It heightens our awareness to discriminate and use discretion for actions in life that are conducive to maintain a healthy body and a cool mind which provide feedback to develop awareness of what the body and mind may need for sustained happiness. The sense of wellbeing is developed through a set of disciplined actions that allow one to activate body's natural healing processes.  

Ayur-Living is a life-style good for healthy people and patients alike in developing a sense of awareness for wellbeing, healing and rejuvenation. As a result one attains the state of happiness. There is no active regimen or therapy and in that sense Ayur-Living is not a prescriptive form of either modern or alternative medicine. It draws upon a variety of techniques to augment a person’s prakriti. The techniques of Ayur-Living are holistic and are intended to benefit all aspects of a person's being including body, mind and soul rather than focused on a specific physical condition or an organ. Following the techniques of Ayur-Living one begins to experience the role of the body and mind to attain the state of wellbeing, healing and rejuvenation.  

Ayur-Living includes cleansing, revitalization and regeneration to stimulate and strengthen body's defenses and self-healing capacity. The various disciplines range from detoxification of the body to diet and nutrition from Ayurvedic schools; flexing and toning of muscles, stimulation of the endocrine glands through specific postures from Yogaasanas, and acupressure to relieve certain conditions; art of breathing to invigorate each cell of the body to function normally and calming the mind through Praanaayaama; certain attitudes to restore and retain energy in the body through Yogamudraas; reciting and listening to the healing sounds for ridding the mind of negative thoughts and emotions by Japayoga; and meditation for concentration, focus, and for developing spiritual awareness. In addition, there is emphasis on exploring new approaches, their suitability for Ayur-Living and integrating them into workable routine.  

The practice of Ayur-Living will result in an increase in energy and inner strength to bring out inner beauty. There is no doubt in my mind that the principles of Ayur-Living lead to perfect health. Those who choose to work Ayur-Living disciplines into their daily routines may not require any serious medical attention throughout their lives. The Institute of Spiritual Healing (ISH) offers many programs to develop Ayur-Living.
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