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Dr. Laj Utreja

In his professional life, Dr. Utreja has made significant contributions on several NASA and DOD programs: Solid Rocket Booster Recovery System, Nuclear Waste recovery capsule Synthesis, Passive Solar Heating Heat Transfer Enhancement, Infrared Detection Systems, Interceptor Aerodynamic Interactions, Hypervelocity Impact Analysis and Testing and Space Debris Impact Mitigation Techniques. He has taught courses in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville . He has been involved in leadership roles for several civic and technical organizations: The Huntsville Helpline, The EST Steering Council of the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce, The North Alabama International Trade Association, The Huntsville Association of Technical Societies, The Huntsville India Association, The Hindu Cultural Center of North Alabama, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the International Academy of Astronautics. He is also a recipient of two U.S. patents. Currently, Laj serves on the Board of Interfaith Mission Service (IMS).

Dr. Laj Utreja is founder of Institute of Spiritual Consciousness (ISH). Over the span of his professional career in engineering Laj has accumulated considerable training and experience in praanaayaama, yogaasana and ayurvedic healing at the Arsha vidya Gurukulam at Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, Art of Living, ISHA foundation and several other ashrams in India. Laj has developed a system of Healing Consciousness (HC). It is best described as a collection of disciplines that when practiced regularly lead to the state of wellbeing. It draws upon a variety of traditions ranging from the art of breathing to stimulate the five vital airs in the body, specific yoga postures contributing to aerobics, listening to healing tunes, meditation and well-experimented diet from Ayurvedic schools.

Laj now teaches, conducts workshops and lectures on Healing Consciousness, praanaayaama, yogaasana & Sanaatana Dharma. Laj has conducted several Stress Management Seminars and teaches Bhagavad Geeta at the Hindu Temple , the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) and the Academy of Lifetime Learning affiliated with UAH. He also provided Non-judgmental Counseling at The Huntsville Helpline.

A summary of Dr. Utreja’s professional experience is given below:
  • Provided managerial leadership for 5 years as President/CEO of a small business in developing corporate vision and strategic planning, organization planning, continuous improvement and change management and received George M. Low award, NASA’s highest honor for quality and technical performance to a small business.
  • Provided technical leadership for 15 years as Technical Director/Program Manager in people management, team building and resource development. Directed scientists and engineers involved in aerospace technologies. Delivered quality products and won customer satisfaction.
  • Conducted hands-on technology research and engineering studies for 15 years in the general areas of system studies with emphasis on launch vehicle technology, interceptor technology and system safety and reliability. Specific involvement included application of computational mechanics codes to compute field variables on complex aerospace configurations, protein crystal growth and human coronary arteries; hypervelocity impact analysis of space debris and mitigation, analysis of hypervelocity guns to accelerate mass to hypersonic speeds, lethality assessment following a kinetic impact of solids and liquids using impact mechanics codes; aerodynamic interaction studies; design of infrared systems and other components for interceptors and space vehicles; and engineering tests (e.g., aerodynamic wind tunnel tests, engineering bench tests) demonstrating competence in technology research and application.
  • Taught graduate and undergraduate schools in mechanical engineering for 10 years and continuing education in philosophy for 15 years.
  • Provided community leadership for 20 years in several civic and technical organizations. Participated extensively in interfaith dialog and cross-cultural understanding to strengthen the community.
Media & Speaking Events:

Periodic speaking engagements at the universities, churches and schools on Sanaatana Dharma, Praanaayaama and Healing Consciousness.

Contact Dr. Laj Utreja Tel: 256-604-6927 (mobile)
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