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Welcome to Institute of Spiritual Healing (ISH)
Institute of Spiritual Healing (ISH) is a school dedicated to conduct and practice of techniques to develop Healing Consciousness (HC). HC is an approach to bring to awareness our inherent characteristic to be happy and complete. Whereas happiness is tied to fulfillment of an objective or achievement of a goal, completeness is a synonym with a state of accomplishment devoid of mistakes and failures in the process or path for a pursuit.
When thinking is clear and no universal values are compromised, there is no basis for mistakes or sickness and no impediments for pursuits. Good health is one of the key elements necessary for our wellbeing leading to the state of happiness. HC allows one to develop a sense of wellbeing to be effective in any situation of health or sickness.

Silence is the language of gods.
To know that one is in silence,
one needs to be aware of silence.
Meditation is the only way to achieve silence with awareness. Praanaayaama is the most effective way to prepare one for meditation.
- Laj Utreja

Shakti and praana emerge from the ocean of shaanti,
And then return to the ocean of shaanti.
I always thought I am this city of nine gates called sharira,
But it was manas that told me I have sharira.
Manas emerges from kaarana aatman,
And then returns to kaarana aatman.
It is aatman that carries shakti and praana,
So I need to seek only aatman while I have praana.
- Laj Utreja
Shakti - universal energy
Praana - life force
Shaanti - silence, peace
Sharira - physical body, the body
Manas - subtle body, the mind
kaarana aatmana - casual body, the soul
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